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Transgender Christian compassion, convictions and wisdom for today's big questions (Talking Points):Tourlombok-piranti

Vaughan Roberts
Vaughan Roberts Published in October 23, 2018, 4:36 pm
 Transgender Christian compassion, convictions and wisdom for today's big questions (Talking Points):Tourlombok-piranti

Transgender Christian compassion, convictions and wisdom for today's big questions (Talking Points):Tourlombok-piranti


Norman Reply to on 7 August 2017
It seems strange that just a few years ago almost no one was talking about issues like gender dissonance, transgender, intersex etc. because today these issues are everywhere. The Church, in its usual plodding way has been slow to catch up, and has therefore left the debating space to those who advocate total inclusion vs. those who advocate total exclusion of trans people from the church. So this little book has become very necessary and is very welcome.
It is a little book, 11cm x 18cm and only 74 pages, you could read it in 10 minutes, and you really should read it. I mention its size only because it gives a clue to what the book is and what it is not. It is one of a series of books called Talking Points, the aim of which is “to help Christians to think and talk about today’s big issues, and to relate to others with compassion, conviction and wisdom.” So this book will never answer all your questions about transgender, nor is it meant to. Nor will it provide a detailed blueprint for a personal or congregational response to transgender or other issues of sexual dissonance. On that score there is a very helpful guide at the end with suggestions for further reading.
Roberts writes with biblical clarity and pastoral sensitivity and manages to clear away many of the common misunderstandings of gender dysphoria, misunderstanding that are often generated by media hype. At the same time he points towards a Christian response that does justice to a biblical worldview and understanding of the human person, and helps readers to see trans people to be loved as people and not as an issue to be resolved.
I would like to see every leadership team in every Baptist Church in Scotland read this book, it will not provide all the answers you are looking for, but it might just help stop you getting it terribly wrong when trans people come to your church, or when members ask questions about it because a friend or relative is transitioning etc.

The book is not without its flaws, it might have been good to hear more from trans people however, as already noted, it is a small book, its purpose is not to provide in depth analysis but to help people to begin a discussion, and in that goal it succeeds very well.
Dr. John D. Ellis
Dr. John D. Ellis Reply to on 8 January 2018
Short and helpful. What makes this (gender politics) so powerful today, so powerful that it has become a ideology that will not tolerate dissent, is our loss of the meta-narrative that men and women are made in the image of God and get their identity and dignity in being that ‘glorious ruin’ that we are since the fall. And that identity beautifully lifted to being children of the King in the redemption God accomplished - so ‘ruined’ that Jesus’ death was necessary and so loved that he willingly left heaven to die - to those that will have Christ. What can you do if we’re to speak to one another across this narrative divide and not fall into all out cultural warfare? “They need to hear that the freedom offered by individualism is not a freedom at all. It has left people feeling very, very lost. If we’ve just emerged by chance, there is no answer to the question “Who am I?“ I don’t know who I am. I’ve got no identity beyond what I have made up for myself. I’m lost. And I’m lonely too, because if I’m being encouraged to push my own agenda and create my own individual identity, then inevitably we’re going to clash with one another, and that will drive us apart.” P73
Molejester Reply to on 15 July 2017
This book was written as a starting point for those who wish to explore transgenderism from a Christian perspective. The author does a thorough job in this modestly sized book although at times it does appear that he has already made up his mind about central issues concerning transgender people throughout the book he continually demonstrates the love of Jesus and encourages the reader to behave likewise. He clearly documents his sources and provides the reader with a list of further resources.
Kenneth Brown
Kenneth Brown Reply to on 6 June 2017
It sets out a review of where we are on this tidal wave of an issue. Very clear compassionate biblical teaching about what could be a very complicated matter. This is issue could change our society in huge ways relatively quickly.
AMB Reply to on 2 February 2017
A brilliant book. Not only does it help understanding of these issues and call for a right response from those who don't experience them, but also it reveals that the foundations to these issues are the foundations to the problems and the power we have when believers are seeking to walk in Christ. It is clear, concise, wise, truthful and loving, and points us all to the heart of our problem and Jesus as our only solution. Excellent.
Jane Reply to on 28 June 2017
A very accessible little book written from an uncompromising biblical perspective with a keen eye to pastoral issues. Easily read in one sitting.
peter sword
peter sword Reply to on 15 September 2017
simple, straightforward and helpful
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 23 September 2017
Vaughan is scripturally spot on as always and he empathises with those who struggle but stay focus on what the bible teaches on same sex attraction and transgender discussions.
Sheila Thomas
Sheila Thomas Reply to on 8 February 2018
It was a bit hard to understand, but maybe I didn't know enough about it.
Richard gillen
Richard gillen Reply to on 27 March 2018
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