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Wille & the Bandits
Wille & the Bandits Published in October 23, 2018, 4:36 pm


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RobN Reply to on 20 January 2017
I’d been reading some great reviews about “Steal” and then heard the track ”Crossfire Memories” on Huey Morgan’s show on Radio 2. This CD is rockin’! To me, there are four things that make a great album – great songs, great musicianship, great sound and great production. This album has all four in abundance. It was recorded to analogue tape, which explains why it all gels so well and lets you crank it up and really feel it. I don’t really need to say anymore. It’s a masterpiece and this band deserve to go far!
Winny Reply to on 29 March 2017
Cracking album by my new favourite band. Their forte is being a brilliant live band but are excellent recorded too, the musicianship is absolutely top notch. In my opinion this doesn't have the impact that GROW has but well worth a listen. They cross the genres somewhat but that's no bad thing.
Anita A.
Anita A. Reply to on 6 November 2017
willie and the boys just keep getting better !
ever since I saw them at Fairports Cropredy Festival I have had them on my radar. The album alternates between hard hitting slide blues rock, and thoughtful intelligent balled stories. There is not a bad song on this disc of light and dark This album will not disappoint lovers of power trio musicians, who push the boundaries of blues rock fusion, catch these guys live if you can individually great collectively awesome G.A
MR wood
MR wood Reply to on 28 April 2018
excellent , going to see them on the 18/ 5/ 18
Roger John Willis
Roger John Willis Reply to on 8 May 2018
love this band there best album yet
mairt Reply to on 11 September 2017
An excellent album with great musicians and a great mix of musical styles on it
Edward Hayward
Edward Hayward Reply to on 18 March 2017
Loved this album. Thanks for the recommendation and will look for more from them.
Timothy Reply to on 26 March 2017
Great blues/rock album with soulful vocals and playing
Steve Walker
Steve Walker Reply to on 17 April 2017
Excellent CD. Nice to find a good new band these days!
Paul Lake
Paul Lake Reply to on 26 April 2017
fab cd
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