Tourlombok-piranti Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice - Batman Statue Ultimate Edition [Limited Edition - Exclusive to] [Includes Digital Download] [Blu-ray 3D + Blu-ray]:Tourlombok-piranti
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Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice - Batman Statue Ultimate Edition [Limited Edition - Exclusive to] [Includes Digital Download] [Blu-ray 3D + Blu-ray]:Tourlombok-piranti

Will Schmid
Will Schmid Published in September 25, 2018, 7:25 pm
 Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice - Batman Statue Ultimate Edition [Limited Edition - Exclusive to] [Includes Digital Download] [Blu-ray 3D + Blu-ray]:Tourlombok-piranti

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice - Batman Statue Ultimate Edition [Limited Edition - Exclusive to] [Includes Digital Download] [Blu-ray 3D + Blu-ray]:Tourlombok-piranti

Price:£99.99+ £1.26 shipping

Dinho Reply to on 3 August 2016
Need to point out that I've only awarded 3 stars because this is the movie + statue version.
I purchased both this package and the Superman one but see little point in reviewing them twice, so this covers both.
The movie....brilliant and so much more enjoyable second time round. Always had trouble deciding who was the best Batman between Keaton and Bale but the latter just edges it for me only because newer movie and better tech! Had serious doubts about Mr Affleck but pleased to say I'm totally won over and thought he played it brilliantly. Darker movie, a more battle worn Bats instead of the other unmarked shinier versions. Loved it and can't wait for Justice League.
The statues are a different story! Wanted to get both due to being polystone statues rather than plastic Kotobukiya or the more expensive Hot Toys. Space limitation in my man cave/movie room also guided me towards these purchases. The sculpted statues are actually not bad but let down badly by the paint jobs. They are obviously hand painted and have some bad paint overlaps....even the Bat symbol on his chest is finished poorly. Neither look like either actor though you can tell it's meant to be them! Bats is slightly better than Supes but the pale unnatural skin colour makes them look like those old porcelain dolls. Supes does make him look like he's had a bit of plastic surgery and overall I'm not as impressed as I could have been with better paintjobs. I suppose that's what you get from these mass produced items from China.
I've already disposed of the boxes and now each time I look at them I wish I still had them to package back up for return.
The movie and the extra half hour and all the extras are well worth the money but if you are considering purchasing the statues at an estimated £70 a pop, think seriously before you take the plunge.
Rhona Blackwood
Rhona Blackwood Reply to on 29 September 2016
I'm a little wary of statues whenever I order them. Usually prefer to be able to see them physically in shops before I buy but loving the movie as I do and feeling particularly vindicated to buy up everything to do with it because of its bad press, I had to click order. Certainly wasn't disappointed. The statue is BEAUTIFUL. Very well crafted, and heavy, not a single bit of it is flimsy or likely to suffer too easily from wear and tear (it was a bit of an effort to fit the main Batman statue onto the little rock stand thing, but once I finally got it fitted it stayed very secure and sits proudly next to my TV). The attention to detail is amazing as well, up close you can see the crafters paid some very loving attention to the suit and I'd say it's probably the most accurate collectible I own.

Some downsides: as with any statue or figurine south of the £200+ price range, the face doesn't look all that much like Affleck, but the mask helps to disguise that pretty well. And I possibly just got a naff copy but the holographic cover on the 3D Bluray case on my copy was glued on off-centre, so you can see the regular cover peeking from behind and the glue lines on one side. A little disappointing on that end but as collectibles go, this is an amazing one.
Damonster Reply to on 30 August 2016
The statue is great. It comes in 2 parts of Batman and the rocks you need to really struggle to connect, but once it's in it stays. The quality of the statue is high weighing quite a bit and painted very well.

The film itself still doesn't do much with the extra half hour other than unnecessary clips. There are a few additions that do very well with the superman side story but nothing that fixes the problems of the overall problem with the film. It is still slightly better though.

At the price of £90 I got it at though I feel i got more than my money's worth from it and I'll be picking up suicide squads one too.
SteMot Reply to on 13 September 2016
Film is amazing. My favourite of 2016, a superhero movie with depth that benefits from multiple views to appreciate the thought and effort put into this multi layered movie. Full of DC lore for fans that know their comics.
Ben Affleck kills it as Batman/Wayne and Cavill is as dependable as Superman as he was in Man Of Steel.
The 3 hour Ultimate Cut makes an already brilliant movie into a classic.
The statue the Batman version comes with is highly detailed and nice and heavy, well worth the price. Love it!
Antonio Reply to on 4 October 2016
I was going to buy the BluRay regardless and couldn't justify paying for a Sideshow Collectible figure. For the money it's a great statue, great detail and well worth it. Much better than the Superman statue
Aaron Reply to on 7 August 2016
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a really great movie the and theultimate edition fixes all the issues the theatrical cut had, also the statue is very detailed apart from the face it doesn't really look like Affleck though I am happy for what I payed for if your a big DC comics fan and a collector it is well worth the money.
JOHN58 Reply to on 17 February 2017
Love the Statue. Brilliant detail and likeness to Ben Affleck. Great movie in both 2d,3d and Ultimate editions.
Jackie jones
Jackie jones Reply to on 15 January 2018
sent quickley no problems with it son loves it
Gaillanne Reply to on 21 March 2018
Neo Reply to on 21 November 2016
Great Model of Batman"
Good Value for money"
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