Tourlombok-piranti Olay Beauty Fluid Face and Body Moisturiser, 200 ml:Tourlombok-piranti
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Olay Beauty Fluid Face and Body Moisturiser, 200 ml:Tourlombok-piranti

Olay Published in September 25, 2018, 7:25 pm
 Olay Beauty Fluid Face and Body Moisturiser, 200 ml:Tourlombok-piranti

Olay Beauty Fluid Face and Body Moisturiser, 200 ml:Tourlombok-piranti

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Liam Reply to on 3 June 2016
My Nan used this from being all her adult life and her skin was beautiful, she honestly looked 15 years younger than she was at any age. To be honest had forgot about this stuff, as more modern things had come along. However, can see why it has stood the test of time, and "oldies" are the best. A beautiful smelling. smooth cream, that is non greasy and absorbs faster than any other cream I have used. Also, unlike other beauty creams, this can be used all over the body including hands. I hope it is around for another 70 odd years.
Kafka K
Kafka K Reply to on 31 March 2016
I tried this for the first time, having always previously thought of it as something for 'older' ladies and from an era when makeup was simpler. It doesn't come with all the medicinal promises and complicated names that so many moisturisers do these days, so I wasn't sure what to expect. But the price was very reasonable so I decided to try it.

The fluid is very light and because it is so well priced you don't feel the need to ration it like you might with a £50 product, so I used a generous portion. The smell was fresh and delicate and clean, whilst the pale pink fluid blended into nothing on my skin. I used it under foundation and it was absorbed very quickly with no stickiness meaning I could apply my makeup right away. Over the day my face felt soft and didn't feel dry at any point. I also like to use it liberally on my neck and chest, again being pleasant to use and working well to keep my skin soft.

This is a product I'm very happy to have rediscovered and I plan to add it to my Subscribe-and-Save once this bottle is used up. Definitely recommended.
Maya Reply to on 4 May 2017
A few reviewers have commented that this isn't a genuine product, but mine was. It came in the original box and the product itself looked, felt and smelled like the real thing (I've been using it for years, so I'm confident I'd be able to tell if it wasn't genuine).

Olay's original (and, in my opinion, the best of all their skincare products) beauty fluid is perfect for all skin types; young or old, dry or combination, dark or fair. It absorbs very quickly, it's non-greasy, and is perfect for using after washing my face and before applying my makeup, as it keeps my skin looking and feeling fresh and moisturised all day. I love it!
Patrick Beesley
Patrick Beesley Reply to on 4 January 2017
This cream is amazing. I'm a 56 year old man and have been using it since I first shaved at 15 years old. I had the real 'Home Alone' shaving experience the first time I shaved but luckily there was my Mother's Olay cream .. saved the day and have been using it since. And, if I say so myself, I've got great facial skin, even after years in the sun. They should re-brand this cream for the Men's market. It sooths so well on the newly shaved skin, but doesn't feel greasy afterwards. Just soft.
Pianoman Reply to on 21 November 2017
One of life's little secrets this just works, what more can you say. Other products may have a price tag 3 or 4 times this one but they don't touch it. It's worth giving it a try for the money.
metrolivia Reply to on 12 July 2018
Surprisingly good. I didnt know what to expect but this covers dry skin easily. I used it on my face...fine...and then on the dry skin on my legs (I am 62 we get these things) and covered it immediately, my skin simply drank it in. Not heavily creamy so blends in really quickly. Recommend.
Katy Pugh
Katy Pugh Reply to on 5 April 2018
I feel like this is a classic for a reason. It leaves my skin feeling lovely and soft without feeling greasy or sticky. Hasn’t irritated or broken out my very acne prone skin. Sits nicely under makeup. Some people might find the fragrance a bit strong or a bit old fashioned but I love it, it feels really nostalgic. Really good product
Lea Reply to on 16 December 2015
Arrived fast. This is what I have been looking for in between my Olay 7in1 because in the colder weather I found Olay 7in1 couldn't do much to give moisturiser that my face needs. Now using this pink beauty fluid after shower or whenever my face feels dry, it feels so comfortable on my face and felt so smooth
Rida Reply to on 10 August 2018
I remember my mother used to use this, and after a never ending search for a good moisturiser for my dry skin and after trying so many high ends, I thought I'll give this a try. Unfortunately, this is not so hydrating for my face. It doesn't do much for my face. However, it does do wonders for my feet and body, if applied immediately after pedicure or shower. My feet and body are instantly velvety soft - so I guess I'd rather use it as a body lotion.
patrish Reply to on 6 April 2018
Used this many years ago and loved it so not sure why I then went on to other products! It came to mind again so thought I would try it again and it's as I remembered, lovely to apply to face and neck, absorbs and dries in straight away. Pleased!
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