Tourlombok-piranti Oh Crap! Potty Training Everything Modern Parents Need to Know to Do It Once and Do It Right (Oh Crap Parenting):Tourlombok-piranti
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Oh Crap! Potty Training Everything Modern Parents Need to Know to Do It Once and Do It Right (Oh Crap Parenting):Tourlombok-piranti

Jamie Glowacki
Jamie Glowacki Published in October 23, 2018, 4:36 pm
 Oh Crap! Potty Training Everything Modern Parents Need to Know  to Do It Once and Do It Right (Oh Crap Parenting):Tourlombok-piranti

Oh Crap! Potty Training Everything Modern Parents Need to Know to Do It Once and Do It Right (Oh Crap Parenting):Tourlombok-piranti


Kissy Reply to on 18 June 2018
I followed this book during my first attempt at toilet training my daughter. We lasted three days - the first night, she woke up at 01:00 and that was her wide awake until 08:15, when she then had an almost 90 minute nap until 23:30 that night. During the second night, she woke up frequent;y (she's usually a 12-hour solid sleeper) and was in distress for no obvious reason. We abandoned it on the third day as two nights of practically no sleep was too much for both of us. About seven weeks later, I tried again. This time I went with my gut instinct - pants on and just doing what we would normally do (rather than being stuck in a couple of rooms of the house with tiled floors). Of course, she wet herself a lot on the first day, but no more 'accidents' after the third day, and we were going out and about from the second day (the Potette has been great for this). There are lots of great tips and insight in this book, but I was putting us both under such pressure to follow it during my first attempt, and felt like I'd failed my daughter when I couldn't do everything the book said. As I've come to realise with most things to do with parenting: take the advice (read the book in this case), try it but always listen to your gut - you know your child best and not every method suits every child.
Eire Reply to on 27 July 2018
A very easy to follow break down guide to potty training in a few simple steps. My 2.5 year old son took to this method very well - naked for first couple of days, followed by a t shirt only the next day to fully clothed and no pants. I think he was ready to be trained so this in itself was half the battle.
I like how this book doesn't use a time frame, but instead blocks, and if for e.g. on Block 2 things aren't working well you can go back to Block 1 and go from there again.
Very unusually, the first three days my son didn't have one accident, he told me every time he needed to go to the toilet and went in himself - too good to be true - Day 4 he made the toilet maybe twice, and the rest were accidents. Very disheartening! And for the next 4 days after that there was one accident every evening, but I was patient and kept going and he is potty trained now, and I feel this book is the reason why we kept at it instead of giving up.
The main aim is to get your child to pee in potty / toilet - even mid pee, grab them and put them on so they finish in the potty.

I haven't done night time training yet - my other children seemed to naturally train at night so I'll wait another few months and see if he starts to hold his pee all night himself, before considering night training.
I definitely recommend this book.
Simple, easy to read, someone commented that this author was bossy, but I find the majority of authors on this topic bossy anyway, and personally I didn't find her bossy, in fact I thought she had her head screwed on, down to earth and had a simple and easy method that yields results.
Gem "owned by choccie dog"
Gem "owned by choccie dog" Reply to on 28 March 2018
When my 20 month old started refusing to wear a nappy during the day, I wondered why not potty train and was recommended this book. I was amazed at how well it went.

Love her simple no fuss approach, and her honest straightforward take on it all. The cheat guides at the back are really handy for a quick refresher without having to read the whole book again. The chapters make it really easy to dip in and out, and give really practical advice and tips like how to phrase things so as to give a consequence without making a big deal out of accidents, or to help you identify where things are going wrong. Now my girl (27months) is really reliable during the day and no longer wears nappies for naps we are going to attempt nighttime training, and I have re-read the nighttime chapter and already identified a few things that I can tweak to try and become more successful.
Would highly recommend it for any parent looking for advice on toilet training.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 27 January 2018
I read 2 books prior to this one that were of no help at all. This book is amazing, I can't say enough good things about it. It's only been a few weeks since we started and my son has really responded very well to this method. There is tons of sound advice and no BS in this book, although a lot of it is repetitive, her writing is easy to follow and so well organized that you can skip any parts that don't apply or interest you, and take all the best parts out of it for success. I would recommend you actually start reading it BEFORE you dive into potty training, although you don't have to, she covers that too!
Mumof1.5 Reply to on 6 July 2018
I wish I'd known about this book sooner and will tell everyone I know! It's brilliant! Especially the troubleshooting sections!
If I'd have had the patience I would have ordered the physical book as opposed to the Kindle version as I think it would be easier to read in that way as you need to jump around a bit in it for reference rather than read from cover to cover.
E. Jarvis
E. Jarvis Reply to on 29 June 2018
Good book, but I think it has been put together by putting blog posts together. I feel that it could have done with some more editing before being published. Otherwise I think it's great.
Grace Reply to on 11 June 2017
Worked a dream, was overloaded with conflicting internet advice on potty training and was recommended this book. A bit hipster/vegan or something for my taste but if you gloss over that you're laughing!
Kerry Reply to on 4 August 2017
Some good advice even though we'd had started potty training. Wish I had read this book before I started.
Clare Wyld
Clare Wyld Reply to on 12 May 2018
this book is brilliant!! so easy to read, practical and funny. Covers every eventuality. Do what she says it really works!!!
Kindle Customer
Kindle Customer Reply to on 23 October 2017
Best book ever! I have just finished potty training my 20 month old and she has had no accidents in 1 month! This book is brilliant , complete with a guideline and brilliant advice to get you started. Worked wonders on my little one! Recommend to all xxxx
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