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Sleigh Rides and Silver Bells at the Christmas Fair The Christmas favourite and Sunday Times bestseller:Tourlombok-piranti

Heidi Swain
Heidi Swain Published in October 23, 2018, 4:36 pm
 Sleigh Rides and Silver Bells at the Christmas Fair The Christmas favourite and Sunday Times bestseller:Tourlombok-piranti

Sleigh Rides and Silver Bells at the Christmas Fair The Christmas favourite and Sunday Times bestseller:Tourlombok-piranti


Gem's Quiet Corner
Gem's Quiet Corner Reply to on 18 December 2017
Okay, hands up… I’ll admit I’ve never read a Heidi Swain book before! I am now her biggest, new fan after reading Sleigh Rides and Silver Bells. If you pick up one book to read during all the festive madness, let it be this one…. and then go and add all her previous books to your collection like I am!

Anna, for almost 20 years has made it her mission to work over the Christmas and New Year period, so that she has a distraction from all the festivities, and stops her thinking about her Mum. Being a nanny, carer and companion means she can always find somewhere that needs her, will keep her busy and not ask any personal questions. This year she accepts a position as carer/companion at Wynthorpe Hall. Located out in the Fens, where there are no houses, people or shops nearby, it sounds completely perfect for her….

It soon becomes clear to Anna that her expected jobs at Wynthorpe Hall aren’t entirely what she had in mind, and the warmth that radiates off this unconventional family, has Anna (surprisingly) wanting to open up to them instead of isolate herself.

As a reader it’s incredibly difficult to not fall instantly in love with Wynthorpe Hall and it’s surroundings – it sounds not only beautiful, but also so homely and loved. Swain’s writing meant I could so easily picture everyone bustling about in the kitchen, with all those delicious aroma’s about from Dorothy’s cooking/baking. I wanted to be there and part of it!

The characters of Wynthorpe Hall are the absolute stars of this book; there’s Anna who you cant help but sympathise with and root for her to get her happy ending. Jamie, whose cheekiness was just delightful, and his chemistry with Anna was sizzling hot. Hayley constantly had me giggling with her way of words and honesty, and of course Lord and Lady of the Manor – Angus and Catherine, seeing the good in people and helping anyone they possibly can – I wish more people were like these two in the real world. There’s many more but I’d be here all day… just grab a copy and find out for yourself!

Whilst this book is full of festive delights , it also touched on some tougher issues, the back stories of how characters had come to be at Wynthorpe hall, including Anna herself, all make this book more than just your average fluffy Christmas story. These are heartfelt moments and sadness – real issues out there in the world.

From only the first few chapters I felt there was going to be something very special with this book and I was correct. Everything in it is what a Christmas book should have, but not only that it captures everything that Christmas should be about and what means the most.

This story was truly a Christmas delight – charming, romantic, full of warmth, with a sprinkling of magic thrown in – it’s without a doubt one of my very favourite Christmas books and one I know for certain i’ll read again.
realovesbooks Reply to on 19 November 2017
I love this time of year when all my favourite authors start releasing their festive novels and one that I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this year was Sleigh Rides and Silver Bells at the Christmas Fair by Heidi Swain (wow that was a mouthful! ).
I have fallen in love with the characters in Wynbridge so I look forward to catching up with them in each book that Heidi Swain produces just to get a snippet of how their lives are changing so I was thrilled to be returning in this latest festive read.
We are introduced to a new character Anna who is making her way to Wynbridge for her first time, desperate to escape Christmas she has taken a job at the grand Wynthorpe Hall looking after Catherine over the season.
Angus and Catherine who are owners of Wynthorpe soon take Anna under their wing and she is welcomed by all the other helpers at the Hall too but before long things turn upside down with the arrival of their son Jamie who is none too pleased to find another mouth to feed when money is tight.
Unexpectedly Jamie and Anna soon strike up a bond and set on a mission to try and help each other but can they succeed?
This is yet another marvellous read by Heid Swain and she really captures the magic of Christmas too. She has created such a warm bunch of welcoming characters and a cosy grand home I just wanted to be a part of this close-knit family. Angus was such a joyful character who had a heart of gold and brought a great sense of humour too.
In some ways the storyline was a little predictable but this didn’t matter at all as I was looking forward to watching the characters on their journey to the conclusion I had already guessed! There is an emotional undertone to the storyline because of the reason for Anna’s dislike of Christmas but this just brought a little bit of depth to the storyline.
I would definitely recommend this book and you don’t need to have read Heidi Swain’s previous books to read this one but they are all such wonderful reads you would be missing out if you didn’t read her back list. I really hope that Heidi Swain carries on setting her books in the wonderful idyllic town of Wynebridge. There is a sprinkling of romance, a dash of festivity and twinkling of friendship so all in all this was a perfect read.
Nikkib Reply to on 9 November 2017
This was an absolute pleasure to read, a beautiful story set at the best time of year.

Anna, for several reasons works every Christmas, this year it's at Wyhthorpe Hall in Wynbridge. She's looking after Catherine, after an operation. Catherine and Angus love at the hall with the staff, their 3 grown up Sons are off doing their own thing.

Jamie, the youngest Son is back for Christmas after being abroad for some time. However, there are decisions to be made and Jamie has some hard ones to make.

Anna and Jamie make a pact, she has to make him fall in love with with his home again, and he has to make her fall in love with Christmas again.

Add in other members of the family and the local goings on in Wynbridge and there are ask the makings of a great Christmas story. One which I will re read every year.

Pure escapsim, which in these troubled times when the world has gone mad, is no bad thing!

I'm hoping there will be more visits to Wynbridge, the town which looks after it's own & those who come needing to be looked after.
Really Love Books
Really Love Books Reply to on 21 December 2017
Sleigh Rides and the Silver Bells at the Christmas Fair features the influential romantic journey of a woman, Anna. The magical weaving of sub-plots illuminating the struggles of a caretaker in Wynthrope Hall surrounded by certain lovable characters sparkles warmth and allure in the tale. The splendid story glints love, fun and celebrations in a beautiful Christmas setting.

When Anna takes the role of a minder, she is destined to take care of the owner of the Wynthrope Hall, Catherine who is recovering from a surgery. Anna, whose bad memoirs of life has forced her to escape festivities and live a blinkered life, soon finds herself involved in Christmas celebrations at her job. This prompts feelings of doubt and demotivation in her. Family members, waifs, workers and kids are part of the vibrant Connelly home living under the wings of devoted father Angus and his wife Catherine.

The arrival of the owners’ youngest son, Jamie marks a turning point in Anna’s life. Jamie who was working overseas, returns to his hometown and tries to settle back in fens. Jamie senses Anna’s reluctance towards Christmas, whereas Anna discovers Jamie’s tough efforts to adopt his life-changing decision of taking over the authority of hall. Meanwhile, one glittery night the pair makes a deal. Anna pledges to revive Jamie’s love for home and take charge, while Jamie promises to make Anna reinvent the love for Christmas. As a carer at Wynthrope Hall, Anna’s heart gets embraced by Jamie and the eerie household members which is a great challenge to her professionalism. Will Anna be able to escape the involvement and continue to live the same accustomed life?

Sleigh Rides and the Silver Bells at the Christmas Fair is a brilliant fiction where discovering the bond between Anna and Jamie unfold is overwhelming. The lovely descriptions, family setting and the chemistry of the relation between the pair makes it among readers’ favourite literatures. The author has publicised Anna as a peculiar and firm woman, who is bound by the rigid rules of her life.

Anna’s festal journey in Wynbridge cushioned by a great family is sure to recoil the reader. It’s soul-warming to see an aloof woman indulge into a vibrant household where everybody is awfully affectionate despite of the challenges they are exposed to. The appearance of acquainted characters gives a sense of familiarity to the Heidi’s fans. Heidi Swain is a passionate writer who scribes interesting piece of writings; with some lovely settings and splendid cast adding life to the storyline.

Reviewed by Books and Authors UK contributor.
Midgebear Reply to on 1 December 2017
Anna is not a fan of Christmas - that may just be the understatement of the century. She professes to hate it but it soon becomes apparent is that she actually fears the season because of the bad memories it recalls for her. So, as an independent Girl Friday she sets out to find the perfect place to spend Christmas - somewhere where it won't be celebrated.

Accepting a role as carer to Catherine Connelly she sets off for East Anglia and finds herself at the enchanting Wynthorpe Hall. The role isn't quite what it seems but she is used to that, what she isn't used to is the merging of staff and family into one clan, all of them determined that she won't be leaving when her contract comes to an end.

Told entirely from Anna's perspective she comes across as a petulant, but reserved character initially and I just wanted to shake her. Slowly the warmth of the place and the people begins to work it's magic on Anna and she opens her mind to Christmas and, with the help of Jamie Connelly, her heart too. The story jogs along completely engagingly and you feel sucked into the bonhomie radiating from it's very pages. Everyone at Wynthorpe Hall has a tale to tell and they are weaved into the story seamlessly.

When I started reading I had an epiphany, this town was familiar. where else would you get twin Christmas Trees in the market square? Yep, we are back in Wynbridge for the Festive season. Another Yuletide treat must surely be in store and it was charming to read that the traditions started and continued in Mince Pies and Mistletoe at The Christmas Market are still going strong - as are Ruby and Steve.

I have to admit that Heidi Swain is one of those authors I forget about. Yet, a quick trawl through my Kindle shows that I have already read 4 of her 5 books and remember thoroughly enjoying everyone of them and, yes, I have bought the fifth and plan on re-reading the other 3. Tales of romance in a charming picture postcard village what isn't there to like?
Tara Reply to on 17 October 2017
If you haven’t read any of Heidi Swain’s books before, Sleigh Rides And Silver Bells At The Christmas Fair is the perfect place to start but if you’re already a fan, I predict it will quickly become your new favourite.
As I was reading it reminded me of something but for ages I couldn’t quite put my finger on what that was - and then it came to me, Jane Eyre.
Not so much the plot - although there are some similarities. Thankfully there’s no Bertha Mason in the attic, although there is something surprising up there, but the two main characters do come of age in one way and the heroine, Anna, is all on her own.
However, it was more Anna’s voice. She seems quite uptight and authoritative but underneath there’s a layer of vulnerability that I instantly warmed to.
It’s lovely to see the relationship between Anna and the hero, Jamie, unfold. Their chemistry is evident from the start but there are all sorts of things that stand in the way, not least that he is her employers’ son and she has a rule about mixing business with pleasure.
The supporting cast are fabulous and only added to my enjoyment. I loved learning the back stories of various family/employees as well as the healing magic that seems to happen at the hall.
The fictional town of Wynbridge is the backbone of Heidi’s books and while Wynthorpe Hall is out in the sticks, Anna makes multiple visits and it seems especially lovely at Christmas time (some of the stars of previous books also make welcome cameos). She even takes a trip into Norwich and, maybe it’s because I’m a local, but it made me smile to read about a place I had visited earlier in the day.
In fact, the only bad thing about this book is that I raced through it and it was over too quickly.
More please!
Jessica Reply to on 2 January 2018
I found it so hard keeping this book till Christmas week to read but I am so glad I did as it was the most perfect Christmas read.

This book is again based in Wynbridge, it is just a beautiful place every part of it that we have read before in each of Heidi's previous novels just sounds so perfect! I really believe Wynbridge holds a special place in my heart and I just want it to be real and live there with the characters too! It would be heaven!

Anna is a really warming character though you get the feeling she is holding something back? She never really commits to anything and hasn't seemed to have settled anywhere. I feel Wynthorpe Hall has come along at the perfect time for Anna and it is just what she needs. I couldn't wait to find out what she was hiding and why she hated Christmas and settling so much.

The owners of the Hall, Angus & Catherine where the nicest, kindest people about they welcomed Anna from the very first moment they met her and they treated her as part of the family. They really put a smile on my face!

Jamie is the perfect match for Anna, they both help each other out and help each other try and get over their problems. It is also clear from the moment they meet their is red hot chemistry between them and I just couldn't wait to find out if they would get together.

With every Wynbridge book you have the returning characters, and everytime I read about them I just get so excited and happy! They really are characters that you connect with and really get attached to! Its lovely to see how they all progress during each book!

Absolutely gutted when I read the last page! I did not want it to end! But happy because Heidi has did it again, she has wrote another spectacular novel!

The most wonderful book of the year!
Stacey Rebecca
Stacey Rebecca Reply to on 28 December 2017
I absolutely adore Heidi Swain's novels. I've read every one and I love every one. I love that they're all set in the same place and that the characters all appear in every book but you could easily just read one and understand everything that goes on. This book was no different, it was a lovely heart-warming story and I loved every minute.

I'm not sure why but I thought that the story was about Anna and her son! Not Anna and the owner of Wynthorpe Halls'! But once I got that confusion out the way I really got into the story (that's my fault for not reading the blurb properly!). I absolutely love the cover. The deep blue of the sky, the snow and the Christmas lights all around and the huge Christmas tree looks lovely.

Of course, just like any other Heidi Swain novel, I loved it. I really did. I enjoyed all the characters, I loved Angus and Catherine, they seemed just so kind and friendly to Anna. And I was really hoping that Jamie and Anna would hit it off! I was dying for Anna to just give in to her feelings already! And, as always in Heidi's novels, I adored the storyline. It made me feel so festive and warm inside that I'm so glad I waited to read this closer to Christmas.

Along the way of the story, there are twists and unexpected turns and this kept me glued to the book! I couldn't wait to read what happened next at Wynthorpe Hall. Another thing I really enjoyed was when Anna would go into the town, I loved reading about the characters from Heidi's other books. There's just such a lovely community feel to the town and I really wish I could live somewhere like this!

If you haven't read any of Heidi's books before then I urge you to. You would love them! They are feel good and wonderful and I couldn't recommend them enough. I'm already pining for Heidi to release another one!
Samantha Squires
Samantha Squires Reply to on 13 October 2017
Anna hates the festive season and each year attempts to avoid it. Anna leaves home to become a Nanny/carer/companion. Anna's new position takes her to Wynthorpe Hall in Wynbridge as a carer/companion to Catherine who is recovering from an operation.

On arrival, Anna is thrown into the Christmas festivities which makes her doubt her decision to take the position. The Connelly household is a mix of family and waifs and strays which live under the wing of Angus and Catherine at the hall. Life changes when youngest son Jamie returns from working abroad and has to decide if he takes on the burden of taking over the running of the hall. Jamie and Anna make a pact. Jamie vows to ensure that Anna will love Christmas by the end of her contract and Anna vows to make Jamie fall in love with The Hall and take it over.

This is another fabulous book by Heidi Swain. It was lovely to be reunited with some of the characters from her previous books that live in Wynbridge, (although this is a stand alone book too).

I deliberately took this book slowly as from experience I get totally gripped by the storyline of Heidi Swain's books and finish the book too quickly. I certainly wasn't disappointed by the book. Leaving me with a lovely Christmassy feel.

This book gets a huge thumbs up from me.
C. I. Smith
C. I. Smith Reply to on 12 January 2018
What a wonderful story,the hall over the years had been filled with staff that had become subject to different things in life,unfortunate family situations to family that had been lost to illness, they were all there.
Anna was one of those people who had lost a mother at a very poignant part of the year and had been left with a father that was more interested in the bottom of a glass and awful women than helping his daughter get over the loss of her mother,Anna since then had taken on a nomadic life moving from one job to another until she landed a job at the hall,she then found that she could have Christmas back and a family and it would not always feel wrong.
Angus and Catherine were the owners of the hall but needed to pass it on to the family, their children which consists of all boys,the idea was to make the hall breathe lives once again, read the story and see all the twists and turns, the laughter and the years and the recriminations that surface.
Laughter and tears and fun to be had this is a great story, read and enjoy as I did with a book that was hard to put down.
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