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Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series:Tourlombok-piranti

Kino MacGregor
Kino MacGregor Published in October 23, 2018, 5:04 pm
 Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series:Tourlombok-piranti

Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series:Tourlombok-piranti


A C Anderson
A C Anderson Reply to on 5 May 2013
As much as I would like to say that I can follow this to the letter I can't, I am a returning yogi and my suppleness and flexibility has some what diminished. Kino has a great way of talking through the series with a nice steady flow and some great beginer options which will encourage correct postioning working to the advance.

I found it has brought my Ashtanga practice back to life and while I would much rather be in a class feeding of others and being assited, the DVD is a great alternative.

Highly recommended but a word of caution - only follow your own bodies demands, don't force yourself into positions you are not yet fully comfortable to achieve. Kino makes it look effortless but the reality is that its a life long practice that takes years to perfect.
Becks Reply to on 16 March 2013
I like Kino's teaching through the primary series - she does talk a lot through it but for some that helps to keep you engaged and follow without having to look to the screen as you are practicing. A little monotone in pitch.....but that's really picky, all in all I would recommend this DVD, there is also a beginners section for those who want alternatives for some of the postures. Also, Kino has an excellent selection of YouTube clips a few minutes long each for every Ashtanga posture which is helpful if you don't have a regular class teacher to help you.
Yogi Reply to on 2 June 2014
This is a great DVD showing all of the Ashtanga primary series if you want to learn it, but it's not really for beginners, kino has brought out another DVD for beginners that you can get instead.
Emma Hawes
Emma Hawes Reply to on 3 April 2013
I love Kino macgregor, and find her youtube channel to be extremely helpful with my practice.
The beginners breakdowns and the advanced options for this DVD were great, and the voice over during the primary series was also helpful. cannot actually follow this DVD like a led class. Her idea of 5 breaths and my idea is very different it seems, and she comes out of poses after just a few seconds. This limits its usefulness for me.
Hanif Rajwani
Hanif Rajwani Reply to on 8 February 2015
It good DVD goes bit to fast for my liking but Kino knows her stuff
Gigi Reply to on 4 July 2016
not for totally beginners, but very good dvd for home practise!
Rob Sheff
Rob Sheff Reply to on 7 July 2014
Disappointing. Not really an instructional DVD more of a demonstration. Her free online stuff is much better..
lolita Reply to on 16 September 2014
Good DVD but not for complete beginner
Martinrhansen Reply to on 15 February 2013
Good instructional video about Astanga Yogas Primary series. Kino talks, and shows, the postures and possible variations. I remember wishing there were some intermediate variations, the ones presented looks very hard.
Gemma Williams
Gemma Williams Reply to on 14 October 2015
good product
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