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4M Lemon Clock:Tourlombok-piranti

4M Published in October 23, 2018, 4:59 pm
 4M Lemon Clock:Tourlombok-piranti

4M Lemon Clock:Tourlombok-piranti

Price:£3.97+ £0.99 shipping

CAS Reply to on 19 June 2018
For a kids project this gives you everything - 4 copper/zinc elements + watch that works at low voltage.

You can of course do it much cheaper: pennies (copper) and screws/nails (zinc plated) but then you need to solder/drill wires to them and unless you have a digital cheap wrist-watch to mod (solder wires to battery contacts) thus this saves hassle. A LED - even blue with low voltage - won't work with just 2 fruits (lemons, limes, etc.) you need at least 3 and generally 4 thus make the project a lot bigger.

Thus while expensive it does work well thus recommended.
kerry Reply to on 1 July 2016
Cheap but great fun to do with kids mine are 8 & 6
it only took a few minutes to make but they really enjoyed doing it simple enough to not cause arguments and easy enough they can do it alone with very little help,
They were very excited about what they created and both took it to school and there class were amazed and teachers also

Can't imagine it will last very long but for a cheap bit of fun its worth doing
Mrs Average Evaluates
Mrs Average Evaluates Reply to on 24 August 2018
this is really simple but really impressive way to introduce children to some scientific ideas - lots of fun and easy to put together.
Elizmo Reply to on 31 December 2017
Bought for my 6 year old nephew at Christmas - he was curious and amazed that he could power a clock from a lemon! Simple instructions and a nice explanation on the back to tell him how it worked. Quick service.
Mandy Reply to on 26 July 2018
Made great and unusual gift for year three child, she was amazed it worked
Miss Z J Lahey-James
Miss Z J Lahey-James Reply to on 16 December 2017
Kept my 5yo busy for well over an hour. After a lemon, he tried other fruits & veg, and some liquids.
blue Reply to on 30 May 2018
Son loves it.. Arrived really quick and works with pears too
Joanna Reply to on 18 May 2018
Interesting science kit for kids, really works!
nicnak Reply to on 9 March 2016
works great! also works with potatoes, oranges and carrots!
some feedback
some feedback Reply to on 10 September 2016
My son loved it, he is at that age of experimenting and was fascinated so much so we have purchased a few others. Fast delivery, good price
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